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Safe2Show was created by a veteran realtor! It is meant to assist and protect our fellow colleagues from potentially dangerous and life threatening situations.


The Real Estate Industry is portrayed as a great lifestyle with tremendous monetary and personal opportunities, which  can be true in some cases, HOWEVER what people forget to mention is how potentially dangerous this job can be.  


Realtors put their PERSONAL SAFETY at risk everyday. PLEASE CLICK HERE to view a strong Safety Message from the President of the FVREB Jorda Maisey







Global News

How realtors can protect themselves in open houses and private showings

Tue, May 3: The recent attack of a real estate agent at an open house is raising safety concerns. Something that realtor Monica Donetti Ross has considered with her Safe2Show program. Donetti Ross joins Global News with tips for realtors to keep safe during open houses and private showings.

CTV News

Realtor Safety Statistics


Here are some of the stats gathered from a 2011 Realtor Safety Report Compiled by Moby/Safe/AGBeat. (From an American Study Resource)


  • The majority of the victims attacked were 40 – 60 years old

  • In most cases, assaults on Realtors took place when the victims were alone.

  • More attacks occurred on a Thursday than any other day of the week.

  • More attacks occurred in the afternoon in broad daylight and not at night, as most would assume.

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